the course of life...

art education:

1988 Cardiff School of Art

1987 East Carolina University, USA

art exhibitions and performances:

2017 Littoral Light 2, Ramsgate, Kent

2016 Littoral Light 1, Ramsgate, Kent

2016 Chroma Blue, Safe House 2, London

2016 Boy Decomposing a Tablecloth, Pie Factory, Margate

2016 Salvage, Restore, Repair, Gallery 202

2015 Memory (Selected Show), Margate

2015 TIAF London 2015, The Rag Factory, London

2015 Selected Show, Islington Arts Factory, London

2015 Make / Create, The Crypt Gallery, London. Organised and commissioned by The Griffin Gallery and QEST

2015 Soil, Horsebridge Gallery, Whistable, Kent

2014 A Bittersweet Christmas, Vibe Gallery, London

2012 Diamond Jubilee pageant, The Cultureship Performance, Zatorski + Zatorski, London

1993 Group Show, Kitchen Gallery, London

1991 Amnesty International Art Exhibition, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry

1989 Images of Childhood, Workshop Gallery, Chepstow

1988 Degree Art Show, Cardiff School of Art, Wales

1987 North Carolina Open, Gray Art Gallery, USA

1987 Rebel Art, East Carolina University, Greenville, USA

1986 Journey (Sound Performance), Alternative Art Space, Cardiff


2015 Review, Thanet Gazette

2015 Interview, London Live

2015 'Lux en Tenebris' featured on London Go arts programme

2015 Review on 'The Culture Trip'

1987 Review, The Carolinian


2014 - Artist

2012 - 2014 Head of Art Hum London

2011 - 2012 Business Development Lead, CNWL

2009 - 2011 Director of Services, Foundation66

2008 - Music Workshop Volunteer, SUDRG

2005 - 2009 Clinical Director, Rugby House

2002 Consultant, National Treatment Agency, NHS

2000 - 2005 CEO, COCA

1994 - 2000 Crack Services Manager, Blenheim Project

1993 - 1994 Programme Worker, Cranstoun Drug Services

1989 - 1993 Programme Co-ordinator, Turning Point

1988 - 1989 Psychiatric O.T. Assistant, MNH, NHS

1981 - 1988 Artist


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A.Gray (2010) ‘Kokain Kratky Intevencni Program’ Podpovujeme Vasi Budoucnost, CZ

A. Gray (2008) ‘Prison Crack Programme’, Home Office (NOMS)

A. Gray (2006) ‘Crack Cocaine Brief Intervention Programme’ NHS

Co-Author (2005) ‘Substance Misuse in Primary Care – A multi disciplinary approach’ Radcliffe Publishing

A. Gray, R. Reid, M. Winder, D. Charlton (2005) ‘Crack in Sandwell’ COCA

A. Gray, D, Sangster, T, D’Agostino, R, Reid (2004) ‘Crack in Leeds’ COCA

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A. Gray, T. D’Agostino (2003) ‘Crack and cocaine DANOS compliant Training Manual’ (NTA/Drugscope)

A. Gray (2002) ‘Crack Resource Pack & Treatment tools’. NHS

G. Haynes, T. Bottomley, A. Gray (2000) ‘National Crack Strategy’, for UKADCU (Internal)

A. Gray (1998) ‘What’s the Crack’. Published by Blenheim Project, LONDON





2015 "Others provocatively construct a past (Aidan Gray's Carbon Copy) compelling us to muse on the act and the process of change, as well as on the artifact."

Nathalie Banaigs, Thanet Gazette

2015 "One piece in particular which seems organic against the brick walls is Susan Fletcher's and Aidan Gray's ‘Lux en Tenebris’. The artists effectively utilise their chosen space, stacking white wax bricks against the crypt’s worn walls, and a single gold brick that blends in with the existing walls. The light used illuminates the wax and highlights the wonderful juxtaposition of solid and malleable materials. The piece as a whole effectively suggests new life is being brought into the crypts."

Jenna Meade, The Culture Trip

1987 "This timely and satirical piece by Aidan Gray brilliantly captures the mood of the nation in response to Jimmy Swaggart's recent revelations."

The North Carolinian