'Lux en Tenebris', FletcherGray, 2015

Review, The Culture Trip, 2015

'The space itself is reason enough to go and see the exhibit. The crypts were originally used for coffin burials from 1822 to 1854, and during World Wars I and II they served as bomb shelters. It is extraordinary to see contemporary art settled perfectly into the alcoves. One piece in particular which seems organic against the brick walls is Susan Fletcher's and Aidan Gray's ‘Lux en Tenebris’. The artists effectively utilise their chosen space, stacking white wax bricks against the crypt’s worn walls, and a single gold brick that blends in with the existing walls. The light used illuminates the wax and highlights the wonderful juxtaposition of solid and malleable materials. The piece as a whole effectively suggests new life is being brought into the crypts.'

Jenna Meade